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    My kids, altho all grown up now, the grandkids (all diddy) Football (Tottenham and Engerland), golf, pubs, clubs, travel, music, antiques, reading, writing, socialising, History oh and did I mention Tottenham (more a passion than an interest).

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  1. Alright there John boy, how the devil are you. :-)

  2. Why do all my messages mention being sad ????? lol


  3. Hi babe, had a great time in Blackpool apart from the result that is. Was great seeing some of the gang. Hopefully catch up with you soon


  4. Hello my darling, how's things with you - did you enjoy Blackpool, leaving aside the result! xx

  5. hiya mate, hope you are well, good to see you posting on here x

  6. That is sad, lmao

    Miss you mate x

  7. That really is sad, lmao


    Miss you mate x

  8. just nipped by to say hi mate, hope you are well x (feel free to leave a message on my page, its lookin pretty sad lmao) :)

  9. Just returning the favour mate :-))))) lol