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  1. Why do all my messages mention being sad ????? lol


  2. Hi Ange, may i order the book please, what details do you need, also i have a shirt i bought at auction that i dont mind re auctioning

  3. That is sad, lmao

    Miss you mate x

  4. That really is sad, lmao


    Miss you mate x

  5. just nipped by to say hi mate, hope you are well x (feel free to leave a message on my page, its lookin pretty sad lmao) :)

  6. Just returning the favour mate :-))))) lol

  7. ain't that the truth!

    Have you worked out how to change the status yet?

  8. Happy to have COYS back :-))))))

  9. Spurs Vs Reading, FA Cup @ WHL KO 3pm COYS :smiley32:
  10. Chelsea Vs Spurs @ Stamford Bridge, Premier League KO 3pm COYS :smiley32:
  11. Man City Vs Spurs, Carling Cup @ The City Of Manchester Stadium, KO 19.45 COYS :smiley32:
  12. Hapoel Tel Aviv Vs Spurs at the "Bloomfield" stadium in Jaffa, UEFA Cup ko 4pm COYS :smiley32:
  13. Anderlecht vs Spurs at the Constant Vanden Stock Stadium, UEFA Cup ko 19.45 COYS :smiley32:
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