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  1. Hi prof would I be able to ask if anyone has a ticket for the live screening for sale and don’t mind paying a higher price for it or making a contribution to coys,i am getting desperate thanks

  2. Trying to get tickets to the Milan game and signed up two days to late for ticket sales cam I post about getting tickets?

  3. GGG

    hi, im a bit scared of this latest ppd, and i didnt get the email... where can i donate so im sure to stay as a member....

    best regards

  4. Paul... I've noticed this has been bumped is there an issue ? Do we need to go again regarding donations...please let me know as I will be happy to go again if required... Tony G.

    1. Tonee Gee

      Tonee Gee

      lol.. reacted before I read the post...the offer still stands, just send me a pm if need be.


  5. Do you know how CL tickets are distributed for the Madrid game in Spain.

    My wife has given me the nod so I can travel for the game I will buy a ticket regardless but I would love to sit in the Spurs end 


    Thanks for any help




    My guy has very quiet on the transfers this year 

    He told me that Daniel told MP that it would all happen at the end here is hoping we get one or two in before Thursday 

  6. Champions League Group Stage Draw
  7. Prof

    Premier League Fixtures Released

    Premier League Fixtures Released
  8. Prof

    COYS (14) - Happy Birthday To Us

    Happy Birthday COYSers
  9. FA Cup R4: Wycombe Wanderers (H) - 3pm
  10. Prof

    COYS 11th Birthday

    COYS 11th Birthday.
  11. FA Cup Rd 3: Leicester (A) - 7:45pm
  12. FA Cup Rd 3: Leicester (A) - 7:45pm
  13. Prof

    PL: Stoke (H) - 3pm

    PL: Tottenham v Stoke (H) - 3pm
  14. Prof

    PL: Man Utd (A) - 12:45pm

    PL: Man Utd v Tottenham (A) - 12:45pm
  15. Prof


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