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  1. Was looking at your fb pics, very nice indeed :)

  2. Yes, another pic of the future Mr Hotspur ;) I wish lol

  3. Ooooh a profile pic, at last :)

  4. Allow me to take your wall virginity Mr Smedders...what a pleasure ;)

  5. Lovely :) I wrote another one for you, I never knew I was such a good poet lol :P

  6. Thanks for all the poems ;)

  7. Nice to see someone noticed my absence :)

  8. I guess :P Still have the "gooner" top though don't worry ;)

  9. Thank you for the compliment :) At least nobody can call that a gooner top :P

  10. Yeah you should, I do it all the time ;)

  11. Yeah I always try and imagion what they are like and usually get it wrong lol still I've not been here that long so am only getting to know a few names now.

  12. Oh I don't know, I like putting faces to names, its difficult chatting to a blank face lol

  13. Wayhey a profile pic :) You don't often see one of those on here lol

  14. What would you like me to change it to? :) I was snowed up for 3 days but its going now, it was a great joke on here, everyone seemed to find it very amusing :(

  15. lol well hi there, you're very welcome, no gooner top comments though ;)

  16. Spooky...maybe the board is voodoo? :P

  17. Theirs a ignore button here?? Thats great news ;)

  18. Boo, just to reasure you that I'm not ignoring you :D

  19. Happy Birthday Mike :)

  20. Oh I'm not complaining believe me ;) its nice to be appreciated :D I have been here since August though and I think this has been our first conversation lol

  21. lol oh well I don't know about that, I still think half of them are colour blind :D But with all these compliments from you today I won't be able to get out the door :P

  22. Finally a man who knows the difference in pink and red ;) Pink is nowhere near a gooner colour but try telling the guys on here that :P I had another pic here where I was again in pink but that was still a "gooner top" thought I would change it but nope that didn't work lol

  23. Thank you very much Mr Dman for the compliment :) and also for not saying i'm wearing a "gooner" colour :D

  24. Thank you :P now I'm going to bed, I'm all typed out lol

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