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  1. Mike, didnt want to embarrass myself further in the thread.. the Masters is shown as O/T?

  2. PAOK (home) (Europa league) Channel 5
  3. Rubin Kazan (away) (Europa league) ITV4
  4. mike11

    PAOK (Away) (Europa) ESPN

    PAOK (Away) (Europa) ESPN
  5. Shamrock Rovers (away) (Europa league)
  6. Shamrock Rovers (Home) (Europa league)
  7. mike11

    Rubin Kazan (Home) (Europa league)

    Rubin Kazan (Home) (Europa league)
  8. mike11

    Hearts (Home) (Europa league)

    Hearts (Home) Europa league
  9. mike11

    Hearts (A) (Europa league) 19:45

    Hearts (A) (Europa league) 19:45
  10. Said you left a message but nothing appeared...

  11. Theirs a ignore button here?? Thats great news ;)

  12. Is that until you find the ignore button :D

  13. Boo, just to reasure you that I'm not ignoring you :D

  14. Happy Birthday Mike :)