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  5. nmccarthy73@gmail.com


    and thank you

  6. Hi prof would I be able to ask if anyone has a ticket for the live screening for sale and don’t mind paying a higher price for it or making a contribution to coys,i am getting desperate thanks

  7. CL: LIVERPOOL (N) - 8PM
  8. n17 yids

    ICC - INTER MILAN (H) 3:00PM

    ICC - Inter Milan (H) 3:00PM 2019 International Champions Cup
  9. n17 yids

    ICC - MAN UTD (A) 12.30PM

    ICC - Man Utd (A) 12.30PM 2019 International Champions Cup
  10. n17 yids

    ICC - JUVENTUS (A) 12.30PM

    ICC - Juventus (A) 12.30PM 2019 International Champions Cup
  11. Sage

    CL: AJAX (A) - 8PM

    CL: AJAX (A) - 8PM
  12. Sage

    CL: AJAX (H) - 8PM

    CL: AJAX (H) - 8PM
  13. n17 yids

    PL: BRIGHTON (H) - 7:45 PM

    PL: BRIGHTON (H) - 7:45 PM
  14. PL: PALACE (H) - 7:45 PM
  15. n17 yids

    CL: MAN CITY (A)

    CL: MAN CITY (A)
  16. n17 yids

    CL: MAN CITY (H)

    CL: MAN CITY (H)
  17. FA CUP R4: CRYSTAL PALACE (A) - 4:00PM
  18. n17 yids

    EFL Cup: CHELSEA (A) 7:45PM

    EFL Cup: CHELSEA (A) 7:45PM
  19. n17 yids


    EFL Cup: CHELSEA (H) 8:00PM
  22. Just wondering why in latest table  the wk 1 number isn't same as total column.  Am I missing something? 

  23. Hi there I make my score 6 not 5 from week 1. Game 6 was incorrect but I think the others all came in accurately. Can you please double check for me .

  24. FA Cup Rd3: Tranmere 19:45
  25. Hi Dirtybob.  Pretty sure I got 3 in week 7.. You have me with 0  Not sure if it will make a difference, but can you check?

  26. dirtybob

    EFL Cup: ARSENAL (A) 7:45PM

    EFL Cup: Arsenal (A) 7:45PM
  27. Trying to get tickets to the Milan game and signed up two days to late for ticket sales cam I post about getting tickets?

  28. EFL Cup: WEST HAM (A) - 7:45pm
  29. teenwolf7

    U23: Man City (A) - 1:00PM

    U23: Man City (A) - 1:00PM
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