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  1. COYS 11th Birthday

    COYS 11th Birthday.
  2. FA Cup Rd 3: Leicester (A) - 7:45pm

    FA Cup Rd 3: Leicester (A) - 7:45pm
  3. FA Cup Rd 3: Leicester (A) - 7:45pm

    FA Cup Rd 3: Leicester (A) - 7:45pm
  4. PL: Stoke (H) - 3pm

    PL: Tottenham v Stoke (H) - 3pm
  5. PL: Man Utd (A) - 12:45pm

    PL: Man Utd v Tottenham (A) - 12:45pm
  6. COYS 10th BIRTHDAY!

  7. Leicester City (H) (FA Cup 4th round) 15:00
  8. Burnley (H) (FA Cup 3rd round replay) 20:00
  9. AEL Limassol (H) (Europa)

    AEL Limassol (H) (Europa)
  10. AEL Limassol (A) (Europa)

    AEL Limassol (A) (Europa)
  11. Prof, i would like to vouch for Eamonncoys. A top bloke & a yid for 35 years-ish, and a big reason that i am one.

  12. Apologies, I scolled through and can't believe I didn't see "The Journalist" piece before posting.

  13. Hey Prof,

    I know the Stratford/NPD issue is raising the blood pressure of many, there has never been a more emotive time to be supporting the beloved. On a couple of occasions recently I sailed far too close to the wind and was rightly warned. Thanks to the mods for the warnings...I value membership of this community greatly.

    Best regards


  14. COME ON YOU SPURS :SM_yupi3ti:
  15. COME ON YOU SPURS :SM_yupi3ti: